What surprises me about fangirls?

Meaning of a Fangirl (according to myfangirlproblemstumblr.com ) Fan•girl (n): A girl who is kind of obsessed with a band, footballer, singer, actor/actress etc. Who also enjoys talking about hot guys and reading fanfics about her favorite celebrity. – There are different stages of a fangirl. They can be chill or completely crazy. Fan•girling (v): The reaction a fangirl has to any mention or sighting of the object of her “affection”. These reactions include: shortness of breath, fainting, high-pitched noises, shaking, fierce head shaking as if in the midst of a seizure, wet panties, endless blog posts, etc. Common Fangirl Vocabulary:

  • Unf
  • Gpoy
  • HNG
  • Asdfghjkl
  • Dead
  • I can’t even Sounds a little bit crazy, right? But, I’m actually quite proud to say I’m a fangirl. I am obsessed with a multitude of fandoms; have bought all the merchandise possible for said fandoms and am a little too emotionally invested in the goings on of fictional characters. I “ship” relationships between characters, read more fanfiction than is probably healthy and call my self loads of cute fan- names (Sherlockian, whovian, potterhead and dragonlord to name a few) So, to answer my initial question: What surprises me about fangirls?- Is that there isn’t more of them!! Seriously 😀 It’d be cool to know how many fangirls (and boys) are out there? Tell me what fandoms you’re a part of and why you love them! SweetlyMagnifique xx

4 thoughts on “What surprises me about fangirls?

  1. mcpherson94 says:

    I don’t think we can be friends… I’m only kidding, I’ll never understand fan behaviour.

  2. p1kkewyn says:

    Does being a fan of gallus gallus domesticus count?

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