Think. It’s the new sexy.

Feigning Wisdom

Sherlock-sherlock-on-bbc-one-25900650-1500-1000There are two kinds of people in the world: one’s who have watched the BBC Sherlock series and the others haven’t. The latter have not experienced half the competency of the human mind and are living half a life. I’m on such a huge Sherlock high that I don’t find me saying the above even a tad bit melodramatic!

The first time you watch it, there is an undeniable certain disorientation. If you’ve read the original Doyle books or even seen the Robert Downing Jr. movie, you’d realise that the actual background of Sherlock Holmes should be in the 1880s in London. But here the story begins with cell phones, a soldier from Afghanistan and a high tech morgue/lab. Having read the original A Study in Scarlet before watching the adaption by BBC, I felt like standing up and giving Moffat a round of applause. He writes Cumberbatch’s machine-gun monologues…

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